Only you can achieve your own ‘perfection’ list.

No one’s perfect. It sounds cliche to say it, but it’s true. I know I’m not, and whoever you are, I know you’re not and I’m okay with that, you should be okay with that, we all should be. It’s our flaws, mistakes, hurtful words, hurt reactions that makes all the good things that happen in our lives worth it. It’s what makes us feel alive, because we know we could always get better and yet, it never seems to be enough. Now that I’m writing it, I realize that sounds kind of sad, but hopefully you understand what I’m talking about.

We live in a world where, with enough effort, we can access every facility and knowledge to be as close as possible to what one society thinks is ‘perfect’. But why go for it so hard? It may be perfect for one person or even a group of people but now that we live in a world where every society interacts with each other, we will always run into someone that will tell us that we’re doing the wrong thing. And there we go, another level of perfection that we need to climb up to.

We need to be physically fit and flawless, move with grace, have at least one talent or two in art or music, and at the same time be intellectual in academia and be skillful. On top of all that, we’re required to always say the right thing, be respectful and selfless but at the same time be ambitious and have confidence, but without hubris. And all these are probably not even half of the list in the ‘perfection requirement’. Because the truth is, we will never reach it, we interact with millions of people who has their own list that will never match everyone else’s list. The only thing we can do is accept ourselves and each other.

You might read this and think I’m completely wrong, you might take what I say one way and another person might take it another way. And that is just proof, there is no such thing as perfect. What might be funny to me is hurtful to you, and vice versa. What you think is a constructive comment might be lowering my self-esteem instead. We don’t always have to point out what we think another person is doing wrong, what we can do is tell that person how we prefer to be treated without telling them they’re wrong, because guess what? Not every wrong thing in your eyes are wrong for others, so why tell a person to stop one thing about them all together? The only thing that we can do perfectly is know what we prefer for ourselves and sometimes, even that is hard to do.


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